Snoot maintainence utility

Create snoot

the snoot maintenance module

This is the module used on the server for creating and working with snoots.

It’s specific to the setup of that server and would need changes in order to be useful to anyone else, but the code is here should anyone ever want to look at it or reuse any of the code.

It would be nice to make the non-specific parts of it work without running in that environment, so one could have a local snoot setup, but


snoot create

create a new snoot.

this starts an interactive prompt that asks you some questions.

first it will celebrate that there is a new snoot:

  1. oh, a new snoot? 💕

then it will ask for a name, and a githubUsername.

  1. ? what's their name?
  2. ? what's their github username?

it’ll grab their authorized_keys file from${githubUsername}.keys

then it will let you edit their authorized_keys in your $EDITOR so you can add any others you’ve been provided.

once it’s gathered all that snoot data, it will create them a unix user with that name, putting them in the groups common and undercommon.

the tool will then create them a base application at /www/${name}. at the moment this base application is defined in the skeletons file. in brief, it has:

then it binds👀 the website directory into the snoot’s sftp chroot root

and it boots👢👢 the snoot container

and then it restarts nginx, and updates the next snoot port file.

a few seconds later, the snoot has boot and is ready to toot

snoot ls

list the names of all the snoot, separated by newlines.