this is how i keep track of how much amex ive spent

Amonzo Expronzo

what is??

this is for chee to make spending money on their American Express card feel like spending money.

i run it on a loop on my server.

it goes like this:

how to use

basically don’t? and if you do, leave me alone.

that being said:

the script run is how you get it started. you’ll need to run it in the directory where get-balance.js is, because it expects it to be there and i haven’t used dirname $(readlink -f $0). run it in a loop. i run it every minute on a server. you’ll need to set some env vars:

environment variables

name | description —–– | ————— pot_id | the pot id you will be keeping your card-paying-off money in (find it via monzo api) access_token | your monzo access token account_id | your monzo account id amex_user | your amex username amex_pass | your amex password available_credit | the total available credit in your amex account