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for this ^

vendor prefixes from css3please mostly for {less}
other things too yay

#zomg_i_am_a_ball {
height: 30px;
width: 30px;


.round-top(10px, 2px);
.round-bottom(44px, 22px);

^ these ones take an optional second argument that sets the rounding for
the other corners

all the .round-* ones also come in a .round-box-noclip style for the
fashionable modern user who doesn't want background-clip:padding-box;

.border-radius() takes a single argument like:
.border-radius(2px 5px 12px 44px)
just like normal border-radius. returns lovely prefixed version.
(also has a -noclip version)

.box-shadow() just like box-shadow.
.box-gradient(fromColour, toColour); goes from top to bottom.

.box-rgba(r, g, b, alpha) <- this took forever and is incredibly ugly but
will give you an rgba'd background-color that works right down to IE6
even though it nearly killed me

.rotate(120deg) <- transform: rotate(120deg); (defaults to 180deg actually)

.scale(0.7) <- defaults to factor of 0.5

.transform() <- for other transforms

.3dtransform(perspective, rotate) <- iunno it was on css3please wev

.transition(property, duration, easing) like a boss ( defaults to all, 0.3s, ease-in-out)

.opacity(0.5) defaults to 0.9 (works down to ie6 yay i like carrots)

.background-size(100% 50%) or whatever. defaults to 100% 100% because that's for real

.column-count(columns, gap) defaults to 2 and 15px. man this is so awesome I can't wait til we are living in the future and opera 11.1 and ie10 are in use and this shit just works omg it's so good

.animation(), .animation-delay(), .animation-direction(), .animation-duration(), .animation-iteration-count(), name, .animation-play-state(), .animation-timing-function(), .animation-fill-mode() shortcuts for thems, no defaults soz chicken

.tabsize(tabsize) defaults to 2

.colorize( "/img/lol.png", rgba(123,233,12,0.5) ) inspired by divya's colorize from her scss snippets . this was actually originally called nimbupani.less before I abandoned the idea of trying to translate the rest of those.

also included is .colourise() which uses the same syntax and does the same thing
except it's written in english

that's all for now

lots of love and ✢⍳⥇⒗扉特䘣祁礵悀ቁݔጇ剰吒䂆ፈȱ䂆፰刕㑗ᔥ┧牷✧牲拒涺殪홪춦춬봢☭噝噜♞ꚺ蜙