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ATX headings only (hash prefix)


paragraphs are separated by 2 newlines a single newline continues the same paragraph

hard line breaks
are added with a backslash


  1. an ordered list starts with a number and a dot
  • an unordered list starts with a hyphen

  • for nested lists,

    • use 4 spaces or one tab
  • empty checkboxes have a space

  • checked boxes use a lower-case x


codeblocks are always fenced in backticks, the first token on the same line following the opening backticks is parsed as lang the rest is an info string, parsed as meta

code blocks are fenced in backticks


strong text is surrounded by 2 asterisks

emphasis text is surrounded by 1 underline

code is wrapped in backticks

thematic breaks

thematic breaks are three or more asterisks ***


quotes start with a >

quotes can be nested

links are text in square brackets followed by a url in parens, and an optional title in double quotes:

link text

mailto:auto@link https://auto-link