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;;; projectile-head --- show project name in header
;;; Commentary:
;;; Show the name of the current projectile project in the header
;;; Code:
(defun half (number)
"Divide a NUMBER by 2!"
(/ number 2))
(defgroup projectile-head nil
"Minor mode for showing projectile project name in header"
:prefix "projectile-head-"
:group :help
:link '(url-link ""))
(defface projectile-head-face
(:height 1)
(:family "fira code")
(:background "#fcfffe")
(:foreground "#ff4455")))
"the face of the head")
(defun string-to-header-width
"Pad STRING to header width!"
(half (string-width string)))
(defun projectile-head-name-string nil
"Generate the projectile-head name string!"
(let* ((project-name (projectile-project-name))
(half-name-head-width (string-to-header-width project-name))
(spaces (make-string (- (half (window-width)) half-name-head-width) 32)))
(concat spaces (projectile-project-name) spaces)))
(defun projectile-head-on ()
"Turn on projectile-head."
(setq header-line-format
(propertize (projectile-head-name-string) 'face 'projectile-head-face))))
(defun projectile-head-off ()
"Turn off projectile-head."
;; TODO make this not clear other header lines
(setq header-line-format nil))
"A minor mode where there is a header showing you the active project"
:lighter ""
(if projectile-head-mode
(provide 'projectile-head)
;;; projectile-head.el ends here